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Regular Life drawing short poses

18.05.2024 - 18.05.2024
Berlin, Germany
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Life drawing is every 1st & 3rd Saturday in the month in my studio in the Rhinower Str 10. 10437.

We start at 10:30 and it is a total of two hours of drawing. One hour of short poses ( the length of a song from an eclectic playlist), a 30 minute break while we look at the work and compare techniques and exchange tips on materials while drinking a well-earned tea or coffee with a freshly-baked muffin, then a second hour,  when those who want to ö, could try printing directly from the model. Either monoprinting or gelliprinting.. It finishes at 13:00,.
There is the further possibility of an  afternoon printing session after the lunch break  14-16:00 to work on the prints. 

You will go home with a lot of drawings, and
/or prints, some new ideas and you’ll have learned some new techniques and met some fellow drawing enthusiasts! A perfect way to start the weekend!! Cost 30€/ or 55€ including afternoon session. ( I also ask participants to put something in the tip tin for the model- minimum 2 €).

Look forward to meeting you. LG Alexine


10:30 - 13:00  with optional further printing session  14-16:00
Every  1 & 3  Saturday 
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Alexine Good

Studied Agricultural Science in South-West  England und den Bildende Kunst in London. Worked on wrapped Reichstag 1995. Moved to Berlin the following year. Worked as freelance artist exhibiting regularly both locally and internationally, with residencies in Greece, Italy & Germany. Drawing and printmaking have always been central to my work. Drawing connects me to my environment. When I draw, everything has an order and a logic to it. I am forced to look harder, and am often in awe at the intricacies in the details of familiar objects. It’s as if I see them in another dimension; it’s almost mind-bending and hugely enriching! 


Briing  your favourite pens and brushes, but feel free to try out any pastels different pens, different brushes that I have in the studio. ;)) 


There’s a little delicatessen next door with the most wonderful fresh produce from the Alps, cheeses, salamis,  soups, and anything else that you could fancy.  @terese_transalpin
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